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Dr. Gabriel Amoateng-Boahen is a Board Member of WiLI. He brings his many years of chaplaincy experiences to his present ministry--counseling, spiritual direction, and writing. He organizes periodic conferences, seminars, and retreats for pastors and church leaders. Using the Royal Diadem Pastoral Center (another not-for-profit organization) platform, Dr. Amoateng-Boahen provides emotional and spiritual support (counseling and spiritual direction) to many in the regions of Ghana, UK, and USA.

Dr. Amoateng-Boahen  is the chaplain for the Brong-Ahafo Association of Chicago and the keynote speaker at the Council of Brong-Ahafo Associations of North America (COBAANA) in 2011 and 2017, and the Ombudsman for COBAANA. He is deeply involved in the activities and programs in the Ghanaian community, and he was the Guest of Honor at the 60th Ghana Independence Anniversary, organized by the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, on March 12, 2017.

Dr. Amoateng-Boahen takes a lot of inspiration from Evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, and he has twice attended the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism in Cincinnati, Ohio (2002) and Kansas City, Missouri (2004). He was in Singapore in 2000 for the Advanced Leadership Training for Christian Leaders from Developing Countries. Also, he was the representative for the University of Chicago Medical Center at the Kenwood-Hyde Park Interfaith Council (2010 - May 31, 2015).

Dr. Gabriel Amoateng-Boahen is happily married to Mrs. Agatha Amoateng-Boahen, and they work peacefully with their eight children.

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