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Winners League International, Inc. [WiLI] is a brainchild of Dr. David Adu-Amankwah (Uncle Dave). The idea to eventually establish the league matured in 2002 after Uncle Dave returned to Indiana University, USA, from collecting data in Ghana for his Ph.D. dissertation. He was greatly alarmed during his visit by the depth to which cultural and educational standards had fallen, coupled with the multitude of school drop-outs, unprotected orphans and widows, and unemployed Ghanaian youth. This sad picture led him to believe that it was time to do something to help put our future leaders on a sound cultural, moral, and emotional footing; and to empower virtually forgotten members of the society.

It was rather pathetic to hear stories such as thousands of J.H.S. students dropping out of school and roaming the streets without meaningful jobs, poor widows and orphans being maltreated, and, the most unfortunate of all, many young Ghanaians slowly but surely losing their rich cultural heritage. Put simply, time was ripe to empower and include the literally excluded in society.

WiLI is currently being funded with part of the rather tiny proceeds from Uncle Dave's Standard Pioneers Ventures [S&D], established in Ghana, West Africa.

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"including the excluded by empowering orphans & widows"

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